EASY FINGERS Mushroom Soup

EASY FINGERS Mushroom Soup

EASY FINGERS Mushroom Soup

  • RM5.90

  • 6 or more RM4.40
  • 24 or more RM4.15

Easy Fingers Freeze Dried Mushroom Soup

Freeze dried mushroom soup made from finest mushrooms, shitake mushroom and oyster mushroom. Feel the chunk of blended mushrooms and enjoy consistency texture in mouth that going to win the taste bud. It makes people of all ages love the flavours that blended perfectly in a cup. 

Freeze drying technology produces mushroom soup in its natural way, the ingredients are freeze dried from finest mushrooms with no added flavouring, no additives, no MSG. The creaminess is from natural ingredients. Good balance being creamy and earthy taste.  

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