DKE Mangosteen Peel Extract

DKE Mangosteen Peel Extract

DKE Mangosteen Peel Extract

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    497.5mg x 90 tablets / Bottle
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Mangosteen Peel Extract helps :

  • anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, increase anti-allergic capability
  • bind toxic with antioxidants and the chemical compounds be eliminated from the body by urine
  • maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, preventing it from early atherosclerosis which could result in stroke and other thrombosis-related diseases
  • regulate blood sugar level, control diabetic problems, complement weight management
  • prevent constipation and control cholesterol level, reduce the risks of arthritis,
  • reduce free radicals, prevent cells damage slow down ageing, brighten and promote healthy skin
  • boost immune system, strengthen general wellbeing


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