ALOR Durian Coffee 25g x 16's

ALOR Durian Coffee 25g x 16's

ALOR Durian Coffee 25g x 16's

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    25g x 16 Sachets/Bag
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Malaysia king of fruits, durian combine with coffee gives special taste and unique flavour. The taste and aroma that people never forget; beyond the ordinary coffee taste. ALOR durian coffee allow you to enjoy local durian with excellent aroma coffee.

ALOR Durian Coffee is made with unique blend of creamer, spray-dried instant coffee powder and freeze dried durian powder. Unlike other types of coffee, durian instant coffee is a very unique combination between the bitter taste of coffee and the fatty taste of durian. The durian's sweetness doesn't overpower the coffee, but rather brings bitterness to another level.

It is combination of unique flavour coffee with a distinctive aroma of durian

Preparation: mix a sachet of durian coffee with 150ml hot water, stir well and serve.


Non dairy creamer, stabilizers, flavouring, anticaking agent, sugar, instant coffee powder, durian powder. 

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