ALOR Freeze Dried 50 g -  Mango
ALOR Freeze Dried 50 g -  Mango
ALOR Freeze Dried 50 g -  Mango

ALOR Freeze Dried 50 g - Mango

ALOR Freeze Dried 50 g - Mango

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ALOR Freeze Dried Fruits are choice for healthy snacks made from real fruits. Freeze drying food are from clean and simple ingredients, free from artificial substances and non-highly processed materials. Freeze drying fruits are 100% real fruits. Freeze Drying preserves the original characteristic, flavor, taste, texture & nutrients of the fruits.

Mango is not only delicious but also gives an impressive nutritional profile.

Immune-boosting nutrients

Mango is a good source of immune-boosting nutrients. It contains good source of folate, several B vitamins, vitamins A, C, K and E all of which may help in boosting immunity.

Support healthy heart

Mango contains magnesium and potassium which help to maintain a healthy blood flow, its super antioxidant mangiferin appears to be good for heart health. All these are going to support healthy heart function.

Improve digestive system

Mango has digestive enzymes, water, dietary fiber and other compounds that aid various aspects of digestive health. The enzymes in mangoes help in breaking down protein content in body.

Improve healthy eye sight.

Mangoes are loaded with vitamin A, making it perfect fruit to improve vision. It prevents night blindness and dry eyes too.

Encourages prenatal development

One cup of this marvellous fruit has significant amounts of vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, A, B6 and folate that support the healthy development of baby. Mangoes are among other fruits that good to eat while pregnant. 

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